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Driving IoT and 5G Innovation | OnScale Cloud HPC Blog

Technology is both becoming more interactive and connected, from Alexa to digital factories of the future. Sensors are the gateway to transforming the physical to the digital realm, yet they are often the limiting factor in the overall performance of the system. Sensor technology has exploded recently due to the advances in MEMS and semiconductor processes. These advances are helping to serve market demand at a very low cost. Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors are highly sophisticated and compact ultrasonic phased arrays, that have been adapted for manufacturer and semiconductor processes and compressed into a footprint that is small enough to fit into one cell phone. The most profound example of the explosion in sensor technology is the Internet of Things (IoT) movement. This is also known as “the trillion sensors initiative”. The movement predicts an ever-increasing amount of connected sensors in our environment. All this translates into a huge global market for sensors that is growing at a healthy rate year over year. In this post we’re going to explore how simulation can accelerate IoT innovation and reduce design cycles by describing several real-world examples, which we ran in OnScale.

Solve a 10 Billion Degrees of Freedom Problem With OnScale

Anyone who has worked in engineering simulation knows the feeling. Your coffee is freshly brewed, and you’re all set for a successful day of changing the world and then you get one of these little messages from your favorite simulation tool:

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