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Ultrasonic Sensors 101: How They Work, and How to Simulate Them

In this blog post we discuss how ultrasonic sensors work and how a vibrating piezoelectric disc generates ultrasonic waves. We have also included an interactive demo to show you how to simulate an ultrasonic sensor in OnScale using Finite Element Analysis. An ultrasonic sensor is a system that can emit and receive ultrasonic waves. It is generally used to sense the distance to and from an object. It also belongs to the family of “transducers” because it generates ultrasonic waves from an alternating voltage. Thus, it transforms electrical energy into acoustic energy.

Top 5 Questions from OnScale Customers

We are so thankful to our awesome customers! This post is a special “thank you” to all of you who attend our webinars and ask such excellent questions.  It is through your questions that we learn what’s important to OnScale users and this, in turn,  allows us to continuously improve our software. The conversations that start in our webinar Q&A often carry over into the OnScale offices and we’re always happy when we hear them coming up in our development meetings.

How to Calculate Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of a PZT Disc in OnScale

If you are familiar with OnScale, one of the things that you may be interested in learning is how to calculate natural frequencies of your model.

How to batch process FEA simulation data automatically using a review script in OnScale

In this blog post we will describe how to batch process FEA simulation data automatically using a review script in OnScale.

5 Reasons for "Why OnScale"

1. On-Demand Scalable licensing is the future and we’ve made it happen

How to Understand the Simulation Results of a PMUT Ultrasonic Transducer in OnScale

In this article, we will discuss how to understand and visualize correctly the results coming out of a PMUT ultrasonic sensor simulation in the OnScale Post-processing Mode.

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