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A Face-lift for Our Help Center

We’ve made some changes to our Help Center! You can check out the new look here!

Got Electromagnetic Problems Solve ‘EM with OnScale!

OnScale is happy to announce a newly released Electromagnetic (EM) solver capability, now available on the OnScale Cloud platform.  In this blog post we describe the new Electromagnetic (EM) solver in OnScale, designed specifically for next generation antenna array optimization, photonic waveguides, radar for ADAS systems, and many other use cases.  Watch full webinar here!  Optical waveguide examples and results

Power of Simulation within BeamTool 9 for NDT Applications

The integration of OnScale within BeamTool 9 gives users the capability to quickly and easily simulate their inspection set up and visualize the complete inspection performance. The plug in capabilities include full FEA solvers, mode conversion, defect scattering and the ability  to run 1,000s of parallel simulations. As well as enabling improved inspection designs, the use of simulation in the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) process allows BeamTool users to save time and money.  New exotic materials and complex components require advancements in NDT, thus simulation is key to design, evaluate and optimize new inspection setups quickly.  What is BeamTool?

NDT Cloud Simulation with BeamTool 9 | OnScale Blog

In the near future, reusable rockets will ferry us to space and back, and you’ll be able to honeymoon on the actual moon. To realize that dream, rocket scientists will rely on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum components on reusable rockets.

Software Update v1.27 Release Notes February 2019 | OnScale

The newest version of OnScale 1.27 has been released! Some features and enhancements include: Parameterization of advanced geometric shapes Improved user experience in Designer mode Post-processing enhancements Parameterization of advanced geometric shapes Our newest release allows users working in Designer mode to run parametric sweeps in order to understand how variations in particular geometry might affect their results. Although parameterization of simple shapes (cuboid, sphere, cylinder) was available in previous releases, the current OnScale release allows the parameterization of the more advanced polyhedron, tetrahedron, and hexahedron shapes Improved user experience in Designer mode The latest release has a smoother user workflow and improved error message reporting. Static Analysis capability has also been improved in the Designer mode Post-processing enhancements  Additional enhancements to Designer mode and Post Processing capabilities provide smoother workflow through the entire process of creating a model, running simulations on the cloud, and post-processing the results It is now easier to display iso-contours and apply cutting planes to axisymmetric model while post-processing the results

Software Update v1.26 Release Notes December 2018 | OnScale

Since it is the giving season, our team at OnScale give you the gift of v1.26! We are happy to announce more features and helpful changes to our platform. This brings an array of new features, improvements and bug fixes. In this update you can: Add Primitives to 2D Models Use an expanded selection of boundary conditions Use calculations and equations within the parameter table Create Time Averages as outputs Archive multiple jobs at once Update Highlights: Adding Primitives to 2D Models With v1.26 launched, you can now use 2D primitives in the designer workspace, 2D models can be used as a quick assessment gaining insight into a device's performance before moving to a fully 3D simulation, you can find out more about how to how to build 2D models with primitives in the tutorial below.

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