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Andrew Tweedie, UK Director at OnScale

Andrew Tweedie, UK Director at OnScale

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Top 5 Questions from OnScale Customers

We are so thankful to our awesome customers! This post is a special “thank you” to all of you who attend our webinars and ask such excellent questions.  It is through your questions that we learn what’s important to OnScale users and this, in turn,  allows us to continuously improve our software. The conversations that start in our webinar Q&A often carry over into the OnScale offices and we’re always happy when we hear them coming up in our development meetings.

How To Solve a 10 Billion Degree of Freedom Problem

By: Andrew Tweedie, UK Director at OnScale Anyone who has worked in engineering simulation knows the feeling. Your coffee is freshly brewed, and you’re all set for a successful day of changing the world and then you get one of these little messages from your favorite simulation tool:

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