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Ryan Diestelhorst, VP of Strategy at OnScale

Ryan Diestelhorst, VP of Strategy at OnScale

Ryan Diestelhorst is our VP of Strategy at OnScale. Ryan is helping to define the direction of OnScale’s growth and shore up its intellectual property position to create long-term enterprise value. Prior to joining OnScale, Ryan was co-founder and CTO of NextInput, an award-winning Silicon Valley MEMS sensor company.

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Design of a MEMS Sensor With OnScale | OnScale Blog Archive

Introduction The capability to do rapid design and virtual prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices is a competitive advantage for companies seeking to make a big impact in emerging markets with as little up-front investment and risk as possible. Currently, this type of risk is mitigated by prototyping – an iterative process that can cost from $100k to $1M per foundry run depending on the complexity of the process. In addition, prototyping is time consuming and can significantly increase time-to-market. Simulation that can handle large-scale, real-world problems can reduce the number of prototyping iterations required, reducing cost, time-to-market, and mitigating the risks that come with developing new technology.

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