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Samantha Chou, Marketing, MARCOMM

Samantha Chou, Marketing, MARCOMM

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#ImAnEngineerAnd I speak six languages

By: Samantha Chou, OnScale Marketing, MARCOMM

#ImAnEngineerAnd a Father!

By: Samantha Chou, OnScale Marketing, MARCOMM OnScale was created by engineers, for engineers. We know what your dream product, dream workflows, and dream results are - because we’ve been on the other side. We’re here to make those dreams a reality and are using our collective experience to develop the best solution out there. Get to know us, ask us questions, or come grab a beer at our happy hour! We’ll be highlighting different engineers on our team these next few months using the #ImAnEngineerAnd hashtag. We’re well aware of what the “engineer” stereotype is - we want to join in with the jokes, but also show the world that there’s much more to being an engineer!

How OnScale is Building the Future of Engineering

Exactly how does OnScale provide engineers with the capability to innovate much quicker? How are we helping customers bring new technologies such as 5G, IoT, sensors, biomedical devices and autonomous vehicles to market faster than ever before?

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