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Software Update v1.25.3 Release Notes November 2018 | OnScale

In case you missed it, OnScale has been updated to v1.25.3. We are happy to announce more features and helpful changes to our platform, to ensure we remain a cutting edge multi-physics solver with unique capabilities.

Software Update v1.24.0 Release Notes October 2018 | OnScale

With v1.24.0 landing today, OnScale are happy to announce a plethora of highly sought-after updates for new features, improvements and bug fixes as well as one that’s been in the works for a while.

Software Update v1.12.0 Release Notes July 2018 | OnScale

v1.21.0 brings a couple of new features, improvements and  bug fixes . This update: Adds multiple UI/UX improvements that significantly improves user workflow Will alert you about upcoming updates and prompt you to download the latest software version when it is released Lets you run multiple jobs in multiple tabs Allows you to continue your work while you are downloading results Fixes multiple bugs and issues reported in previous versions Update Highlights

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